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As the first company in the plastic business in Thailand we have been known since our inception of producing high quality products using the best technology available. In order to achieve this, we have always believed that quality people is the key to success. We are always trying to recruit exceptional people and giving unparallel opportunity for growth to build their careers and capabilities.

We believe in individual worth and integrity. All jobs within our organization have real value. All team members deserve respect. We are committed to making a contribution to our communities, our customers, our team members, our society and our environment. Malaplast is focused on helping our customers and partners to succeed and in turn sharing our financial success with our team members.


As a small Thai company, 50 years ago, we pioneered the production of melamine tableware in Thailand. Today, we produce for both the local market as well as competing for business in the world market. In this process we develop new machinery to automate the work for our employees as much as possible. We have used our ingenuity and expanded to apply this to blow molding as well as injection molding. It means trying to find new and better ways of doing things, and it means enjoying a career with extraordinary opportunities and enormous potential.

Leadership & Training

Malaplast has a culture of continuous learning, thoughtfully designed to enable employees to grow their personal capabilities and reach their full potential. We invest in your education, provide access to experienced colleagues and give you the opportunities to work with intelligent, dedicated people, challenge yourself, and grow.

We hire exceptional people and invest in their growth through many different types of program such as:
• Technical Student Internship
• Graduate Training Internship
• Management Development
• Staff Development
• V-Planner
• Sales Training
• Functional Training
• Safety & Environment
• 5 S


Integrity is an essential component of life at Malaplast. It is how we conduct ourselves and how we do business. It is non-negotiable. While some businesses prize results over ethics, we value both. At Malaplast, we believe that how you do something is as important as what you do. We provide you with the training and opportunities to enjoy a successful career you can be proud of, now and for the rest of your life.

Working Environment.

Our employees’ performance can only flourish in a sound work environment. That is why Malaplast is committed to supporting its leadership culture through systems and policies that foster open communication, maintain employee and partner privacy, and assure employee health and safety.

Work and Life Balance
Naturally, the passion that our people bring to their work extends to their own private worlds, and Malaplast is committed to enabling a healthy balance between the two. MALA encourages our people to meet their work commitments while balancing their own life responsibilities.



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