2nd Process

Over the years Malaplast has developed our skills to be able to produce world class appearance parts. This has come through our determination of being a one stop solution for our customers. We are constantly challenging ourselves to raise the bar higher and higher. Among the key factors that contribute towards this success is our ability to assist customer produce high quality parts through
   Early Technical involvement at concept design
   Doing R&D work for with our customer
   Upgrading our machinery & technology regularly
   Upgrading our people our most important asset through a systematic training program

Our facility and ability are second to none. Among the facilities we have is:
1. Spray painting
  a) 6 axis Robot
  b) Masking jig fixture
  c) UV Painting Spray
2. Dipping or Water transfer printing process
3. Silk Screen Printing
  a) Manual
  b) Auto
  c) UV ink
4. Pad printing for 2 & 4 Color / Machine
5. Automatic Sticker labeling
6. Hot stamping high speed
7. Heat welding
8. Vibration welding
9. Ultrasonic welding
10. Laser marking
11. Drilling process
12. Assembly line

For some processes we work with our business partners such as:
1. Chrome plating plastic
2. Vacuum Metalizing plastic

2nd Process
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